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How does the world benefit from my self love?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young

As I was completing a much overdue tidy of my home workspace today, I came across something from the past that felt like a gift for this moment, this day and this time. On a single piece of paper, in my handwriting with my favourite purple pen, I had written;

How does the world benefit from my self love

And scrawled below was my answer:

If I love myself then my love of others is more genuine and true. I am more willing and able to give of myself because I believe I am worthy and worth something. As I freely give more of myself so I set my talents free to grow and make a difference. As what I have (talents) is given out so it touches others and makes a positive difference in the world I’m in. As others see me being free to give of myself, unconditionally and unashamedly they too are free to give of themselves and so the cycle goes on. When all love and value themselves then there will be no war, no hunger. – So it is selfish not to love yourself.

I can’t remember when I wrote it, probably five years ago in response to a question on a coaching course, but today it felt like I'd unwrapped a new gift. It reminded me that if I love and care for myself, I can care for others better, if I lead by example on self love, then others may follow.

I share my response with you today because I can. I share it with love and hope that you will consider how the world benefits from your self love and why it matters that you love yourself.

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