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Meet Joanna

Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert

With over 35 years of experience working in complex and challenging environments, I understand the demands and pressures on leaders. As a mother of three, I also understand the challenges of balancing family and career, and the conflicts this can cause.  


Having been a senior police officer, a Non-Executive Director and Chair of a Board of Directors in the finance sector, I understand that it can be lonely at the top with the heavy weight of responsibility.   


As someone who is neurodivergent, I also know what it's like to not quite fit in, yet feel you stand out. There can be so many things that weigh us down and prevent our full flight. 

I now embrace and celebrate my difference and all the positive things about being uniquely me. I use my gifts, skills and experiences to help others identify and be their unique selves, achieve their full potential and find a balance that works for them.

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young
Expertise & Qualifications

MSt (Cantab)                  

Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College 2014​


Canterbury Christ Church University 2007

Reflective Practice and Supervision

Coaching Development Ltd 2024

Diploma in Coaching                  

International Coach Federation 2023​

Certificate in Education              

University of Greenwich 1998

Professional Certified Coach    

International Coaching Federation 2023

PQ Coach                          

Positive Intelligence Coach Programme 2023  

Certified mBIT Master Coach                  

mBIT International, ICF  2022

MBTI Step II Accredited              

OPP The Myers Briggs Company  2021

mBIT Coach                                            

mBIT International   ICF 2019

Transactional Analysis 101                

Coaching Development Ltd 2017

MBTI Step I Accredited                

OPP The Myers Briggs Company 2016

Certificate in Coaching                    

Coaching Development Ltd 2016


Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young
Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young

As an experienced and qualified coach and leadership trainer, I work with clients to maximise their strengths, and identify and break through the obstacles that hold them back.

We will Work in partnership to achieve your goals with clear focus and positivity,  using the right tools and strategies for you and your business to enable growth, development and success. 

I genuinely believe in lifelong learning and continuous professional development.  I left school in 1983 with mediocre grades and spent a year doing voluntary work before joining the police. I soon realised that learning and developing, together with hard work and determination, really mattered and made a difference. However, it wasn't until 1996 that I decided to turn my knowledge, skills and experience into formal qualifications. 

Who I Am

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