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Leadership Services

Leadership makes or breaks an organisation, a business, a country, a relationship, a family, an individual.  

The quality of the leadership has an enormous impact.

Excellent and good leadership can be developed and nurtured.  

There is always more to learn and our leadership journey is never ending and is as unique as you are.  

Wildgeese Leadership transforms lives and businesses through coaching and training development.
I, and the associates I work with, are passionate about leadership, personal growth and achieving potential.  I work with individuals and groups to enable them to fly whilst being their confident authentic selves.

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young

Flying free always starts with a little effort and some bumps along the way!


Making a real and lasting difference

The ethos of coaching is that you are not broken and you don't need fixing.  You are are whole and complete as you are.  We are on a journey. 

On that journey we all have 'STUFF' that gets in our way, slows us down, holds us back and makes us question and doubt ourselves. 

Coaching is forward focused and helps clear a path so you can achieve and move on to new possibilities with confidence, purpose and a bespoke flight plan you can trust.

As an experienced and accredited Coach, I work with Executives, Senior Leaders and those aspiring to lead. 

Working together, the coaching process is driven by you at your pace to identify and achieve what you want and need. 

Coaching is non-judgemental and confidential.


Personal Development

We work with individuals who are seeking to develop their leadership potential and progress their business or career.

We utilise a range of tools to build your

competence and confidence as a leader, including:

  • Psychometric testing

  • 360 degree process

  • Coaching

Tried and Tested Tools and Strategies

Mental Fitness App based programme


Our approach is tailored to you

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young

...'You playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is with us.  It's not just in some of us it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same'...

Marianne Williamson

Famously quoted by Nelson Mandela

at his inaugural speech

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young

Leadership Training

We work with Business Owners, HR Professionals and Senior Leaders to identify and tailor programmes to give you a truly effective and individual approach that will meet your needs.

We have a range of programmes, courses and workshops to improve performance, relationships and outcomes:

Developing your Organisational Talent 

Team Building - Cultural Change - Building Resilience

Mental Fitness - Organisational & Personal Leadership Skills

We draw on our qualifications, real life experience, ongoing training and relevant study to ensure you receive a professional and bespoke service that makes a lasting difference to the individual, team business and organisation.

Leadership Personal Development
Leadership Training


Supervision is a collaborative and formal process which facilitates growth through reflective practice and exploration. Together, Supervisor and Coach strive for continuous improvement and development, client safety and enhanced professional practice.  It is about growing as a Coach and individual and achieving better outcomes for your clients.

Supervision is different from coaching, it is more collaborative and requires new skills and deeper understandings. That is why I am currently taking a Diploma in Supervision and Reflective Practice with Coaching Development.

If you are a Coach and want to grow professionally as a Coach and improve your coaching practice for the benefit of your clients then please get in touch to see if we would be a good fit. 

Wildgeese Leadership | Accredited Coach & Leadership Expert | Joanna Young
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