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At Wildgeese Leadership we take time to listen and understand you and give you the right tools and strategies to unlock your potential and enable you to fly. 

We work with you to identify and manage any self-doubts and barriers and, as you fly, we support and cheer you on your journey.  

We are all born with potential and when we actively develop and grow that potential we achieve. 

Please contact us, or explore the website, for details of the Coaching and bespoke Development programmes we offer and how we can help you as an individual or business. 

About Us
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Energise and Grow Half-Day Workshop

Do you wonder why you find some situations tiring, while other people seem to be thriving?  ‘Energise and Grow’ will...


Personal Resilience and Wellbeing One-Day Workshop

Are you feeling tired and under pressure, yet want to be healthier and achieve a better balance in life?  This...


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Never Lost, Always Exploring


Never Lost, Always Exploring I saw these words carved in wood and they reminded me of a client I'd been coaching who was in a job he'd loved and had to leave due to injury. He said he felt ‘lost’ and didn’t know what to do. He isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, to feel lost, disorientated and unsure of themselves having left a career they felt wholly or partly defined who they are not just what they did.  I’d seen it first in the late 1990s with one of my team, and then noticed more and more colleagues longing to leave policing yet finding it hard to adjust when they did.   It literally hit home when my husband left his job without any plan or idea about what to do next. For eight months, he wrote mediocre CVs and then took a security role for the 2012 Olympics. He enjoyed this until it ended, and he was again without purpose. Eventually, he accepted help from a friend and got a job as a manager in the NHS. He was able to put his previous skills and experience to good use and has worked in the NHS ever since. When he looked back and explored what had happened, he admitted he’d no clue what he wanted to do and as he’d drifted, he lost confidence, dug himself a hole and hadn’t known how to get out of it.  I was determined when my time came it would be different. Oh how wrong I was.