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At Wildgeese Leadership we believe that everyone has the potential to grow and be more than they already are and achieve more. 

Our unique programmes enable individuals and organisations to identify and achieve their goals and aspirations through bespoke development and training programmes.

Wildgeese Leadership is based in Kent, however, workshops, coaching and training happen nationwide, as well as in Central London at The Green Door Clinic, 30 Weymouth Street, WG1 7BS.

About Us
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Personal Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop

Balancing the demands of life can be tough. This interactive and engaging workshop gives you the skills and practical tools to...


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The Difference a Different Approach can Make


I took this picture earlier this week from a ski lift in the French Alps. I think it is beautiful, yet it doesn’t capture the true magnificence of the scenery. This morning back in the UK I took my dog Ash for a walk and got a different view.  It is amazing what a difference a different approach can make.