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At Wildgeese Leadership we believe that everyone has the potential to grow and be more than they already are and achieve more. 

Our experience and approach enables individuals and organisations to identify and achieve their goals and aspirations through bespoke development and training programmes.

Wildgeese Leadership is based in Kent, however, workshops, coaching and training happen nationwide. 

About Us
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POSTPONED - Energise and Grow Half-Day Workshop

Do you wonder why you find some situations tiring, while other people seem to be thriving?  ‘Energise and Grow’ will...


POSTPONED - Personal Resilience and Wellbeing One-Day Workshop

Are you feeling tired and under pressure, yet want to be healthier and achieve a better balance in life?  This...


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20 tips for a better isolation


20 tips for better health in isolation or lockdown. ‘The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.’   Proverb. Our mind affects our body and our body affects our mind, look after both. Focus out as well as in.   Websites and people mentioned are local examples from where I live.  Look for people doing the same where you live.