Throughout my career, I have always believed in the positive effects of team building activities and regularly arranged and participated in them.

As the head of a major team in London, I became aware that middle and senior management were separating themselves into silos, preventing an overall ‘umbrella view’ of the organisation.

I discussed this with the team and we decided that it would be a good idea to remove everyone from their comfort zones, by playing games where no-one had any level of expertise. In doing this, our natural selves started to show and we became increasingly aware of who we choose to listen to and who we choose to disregard.

One of the most vital parts of team building activities is the power of the debrief. By listening and interacting with each other away from the normal work environment, it becomes possible to safely begin to recognise each other’s strengths and the strengths of the team. Additionally, managing feedback in a structured session provides everyone with a voice and stops individuals from feeling exposed.