Since forming Wild Geese Leadership, I have had a number of successes delivering Personal and Wellbeing Training events and Workshops. One of the key targets of any training programme is to bring about lasting and positive change for individuals and businesses and organisations.

The head of a large organisation recognised that his team would benefit from increased resilience and engaged me to deliver 10 workshops covering all senior leaders and managers. Through this series of half-day workshops, I encouraged them to focus on their personal resilience through interactive exercises, discussions and presentation of research.  The key concept behind this was that by looking after themselves they would be able to function more effectively both at home and at work and look after their teams better.

As a result of the sessions, one manager requested further workshops for his team of junior managers. During their workshop they recognised the lessons that their senior manager had learnt on the course. He was on holiday at the time and usually would have been replying to emails and checking in on them. This time he wasn’t. “He’s living this” said one of his team and went on to explain the positive effect this was having on them and their productivity and wellbeing.

Wild Geese Leadership always likes to follow up with participants after they have completed courses with us. When I checked in with attendees, they were all using phrases that supported each other, with a focus on wellbeing and commented “We are all using the same language now” which has improved both communications and resilience.