Working alongside individuals, helping them to focus on releasing their potential, has always been a rewarding and empowering experience for me.

As a co-facilitator, I was invited to work with a group of women who showed potential for promotion but hadn’t yet achieved it. Each of these individuals was competent in their job roles but either lacked the self-confidence or self-belief to push themselves further up the career ladder.

Over 6 months, with 6 group work days, we worked to improve their conscious and unconscious self-confidence and to identify their values. When working with people to discover what it is that is holding them back from discovering their true potential, I find that the course content can be very fluid. In this instance, we identified the participants’ personal values and discovered that, in many cases, there was an overwhelming pressure between personal values and the corporate values of their employer. For some, there was a conflict related to decision making in line with their personal beliefs.

Additionally, it became clear that a number of the participants were unconsciously holding themselves back through the way that they presented themselves and the way that they were perceived by their colleagues.

All participants reported that they felt empowered to make choices. Some opted for promotion and were successful, while others chose to remain where they were and achieve greater influence on those around them.  I was able to assist them in identifying their own paths and forgetting the chosen journeys of others around them.

I am pleased to say that all of the participants are now in careers that they enjoy and were enabled to create clear plans to move forward across all aspects of their lives.