Before forming Wild Geese Leadership, I participated in a Senior Leadership Development Programme through the Global Leaders Academy. This powerful course enabled groups of business people to gather regularly to work on their personal development and leadership.

As a result, I initiated a programme in the Metropolitan Police, which allowed 18 senior leaders to participate in a 12-month leadership programme. Each month they would discuss a particular subject related to leadership, for example, trust, values, motivation, self leadership and leadership theory.

We also encouraged guest speakers to visit, providing the participants with different perspectives and challenging their thought processes through critical thinking and reflection.

The group and their teams began to notice a difference in their leadership. By recognising that they were meant to be serving their teams, the participants in the programme began problem solving in non-ego driven ways. The recognition that they had a choice when they made decisions enabled them to move forward both professionally and personally and to create an improved working atmosphere for their teams.

I repeated this programme in the Metropolitan Police the following year and again a group of senior leaders were able to enhance their leadership, make positive changes in their workplace and impact significantly on outcomes.