Wild Geese Leadership was contracted to complete a leadership and cultural review in a large and well-established organisation.

As soon as I walked into their buildings it became apparent that there was an underlying culture of bullying and lack of trust within the organisation. I recognised that ensuring absolute confidentiality would need to be an integral part of the review to achieve evidenced and objective findings.

I began by holding face to face, fully confidential interviews with each member of the senior leadership team. This was then followed by a series of focus groups with staff at every level of the organisation.

By using my coaching skills and open, non-leading questions, I was able to break down barriers and gather objective information to create an honest overview.

I worked to ensure that any feedback delivered to the senior team was non-identifiable. This allowed me to begin to foster a culture of trust and honesty. The use of structured debriefing techniques using skills from accredited training programmes, allowed me to establish a safe, surprise free environment and encouraged people to speak freely.

I produced a written report and presented key findings and recommendations to senior managers taking care to ensure confidentiality was maintained.

Since my review the leadership culture of the organisation has implemented positive changes and there is now a feeling of collective responsibilities across all staff levels.