Receiving testimonials and feedback from past clients helps to remind me of the power of coaching.

In 2017 I worked alongside a client, coaching him to take his business further. In this instance, it is easier if I share his words.

“It never ceases to amaze me how expertly you managed to find and locate those ‘Ah-Ha’ moments…that were proving elusive to me and yet were within touching distance.

You clearly have a comprehensive talent to gently tease out the answers of one’s own personal improvement and development…allowing further and greater boundaries to be explored as realistic opportunities, where beforehand they were mere pipedreams.

I have learnt…how to utilise my past experiences as educational tools going forward rather than lockers containing past failures, losses and poor encounters.

Additionally, the resilience and wellbeing workshop has enabled the donning of different glasses and a greater acceptance that ‘stuff happens’ to all of us.

I firmly recommend anyone wishing to know more about themselves and their tolerance levels to have coaching and attend your wellbeing workshops. You most definitely have had a positive effect on me and my future. Thank you!”