Joanna Young

Mst (Cantab)
Cert Ed
MBTI practitioner OPP
Certificate in Coaching ICF

Wildgeese Leadership was set up in 2014. Built on 30 years experience in complex and challenging environments and an absolute belief that everyone has the potential to grow and achieve more. We believe in the power of the leader, team and individual, and that investing in their development makes a positive difference.

Why Wildgeese Leadership?

In the late 1990s I first heard about geese flying in the V formation and how, by doing so, they increased their range by over 70%. This is sometimes cited as a great example of teamwork yet the more I learnt about geese, the more I saw it as a compelling example of leadership, resilience, maximising potential and more. Read more about geese here

I put this into practice as a senior leader working with partner agencies. I had noticed that my organisation was always expected to take the lead even when we didn't have the most expertise, reducing our effectiveness as leaders, a team and individuals. When I shared what I had learnt about geese, we adopted the approach, becoming significantly more efficient and effective, and we enjoyed work more!

Having had a successful career in demanding and high profile roles I understand the pressures on leaders, organisations and individuals. As a mother of three, I also know the challenges in balancing career and family life and the conflicts this can cause.

With this experience, belief and commitment to continual growth, I have designed and delivered a wide range of development programmes and other bespoke events. Delivery ranges in time from 60-minute sessions to a 12-month programme and participants range from young people starting out on their careers to senior leaders and academics. I have presented on leadership and diversity at national and international conferences and helped shape cultural change in these areas.

My professional development journey moves forward too. To enhance my coaching skills I am completing a ‘Developing Mastery’ Diploma in coaching., I am a member of the ICF, and I am coached, mentored and professionally supervised. As Chair of a  Board of directors in the finance sector, I continue to operate and develop in a leadership capacity.

Although based in Kent, in the South East of England,  I provide coaching, workshops and training across the United Kingdom.